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The Masculine Principle

The Second Edition

". . . The fact is that males and females are like two substances combined in different proportions, but with either element never wholly missing. We find, so to speak, never either a man or a woman, but only the male condition and the female condition. Any individual is never to be designated merely as a man or a woman, but by a formula showing that it is a composite of male and female characters in different proportions." -- Otto Weininger, Sex and Character
Chapter I: Introduction 
Pt One - The Masculine Principle
Pt Two - Generalizing in a Politically Incorrect World
Pt Three - Peer Reviewed Research - The Holy Grail of Truth?
Pt Four - The Truth About Misogyny
Pt Five - A Guide to Birdwatching

Chapter II: Sexuality
Pt One - Male and Female: Equal But Different
Pt Two - Sex Sells (Hypergamy Explained)
Pt Three - Love is for Suckers... Blood Suckers
Pt Four - Empty Vessels and Relative Truth
Pt Five - The Myth of Tiresias and the Ten Pleasures of Sex
Pt Six - You're Such a Tool!
Pt Seven - Rites of Passage - Making Boys into Men
Pt Eight - Woman: The Most Responsible Teenager in the House
Pt Nine - The Amazon Women (The Science of Why Males Exist)
Pt Ten - Testing, Testing... 1, 2, 3 ... Testing!

Chapter III: The Gender War
Pt One - The Fish and the Bicycle
Pt Two - Social Strategy: Why Men Shouldn't Argue With Women
Pt Three - The Suffragettes versus The Republic
Pt Four - The Suffragettes versus The Patriarchy
Pt Five - The Suffragettes versus The Truth
Pt Six - A Period of Detente (Amazons Wanting Their Men Back)
Pt Seven - The Fraud of Modern Marriage
Pt Eight - The Legend of the Selkie
Pt Nine - Feminizing the Decline
Pt Ten - A Woman's Right to Choose
Pt Eleven - The Keynesian Sexual Marketplace
Pt Twelve - Have You Ever Seen a Herd of Bulls?
Chapter IV: The Pillars and the Plot
Pt One - The Powers That Be
Pt Two - It's Not Marxism Because...
Pt Three - Cultural Pillars and Critical Theory
Pt Four - Useful Idiots Play Checkers, Marxists Play Chess
Pt Five - The Family Plot
Pt Six - Following the Masculine Principle is "The Right Way" 

Chapter V: The Philosophy of Truth
Pt One - The Garden of Eden, Absolute Truth and Relative Truth
Pt Two - Men, Religion and Morality
Pt Three - Rising Up from Being Beasts of the Field
Pt Four - Truth, Truth, Truth... What is the Truth?

Chapter VI: Conclusion
Pt One - Work with the World; Don't Fight Against It
Pt Two - The Liberation of Men
Pt Three - The Want of Men Was Their Ruin
Pt Four - One Man's Kingdom
- A.F.C. - Average Frustrated Chump 
- Fitness Test (aka Shit Test)
- F.R.A. - Father's Rights Activist
- F.R.M. - Father's Rights Movement
- Game - The Art of Seduction
- G.Y.O.W - Go Your Own Way
- Hypergamy
- I.O.I.('s) - Indication of Interest
- Mangina - A Man Who Supplicates to Women to Gain Their Favour
- M.G.H.O.W. - Man Going His Own Way
- M.G.T.O.W. - Men Going Their Own Way
- M.M. - Men's Movement 
- M.R.A  - Men's Rights Activist
- M.R.M. - Men's Rights Movement
- N.A.W.A.L.T. - Not All Women Are Like That
- P.U.A. - Pick-Up Artist
- Shit Test (aka Fitness Test)
- White Knight - A Man Who Defends Women No Matter Her Behaviour

The Book of Bonecrker

Bonecrker #1 - Abusive Behaviour

Bonecrker #2 - Local vs. Foreign Women

Bonecrker #3 - Shaming Language

Bonecrker #4 - Immature or Evil?

Bonecrker #12 - The Most Feminacentrist Statement of the 20th Century 

Bonecrcker #99 – Living Together is a Scam

Bonecrcker #100 – The Problem with Pre-Nups

Bonecrcker #101 – Why You Must Never Give a Woman Any Money

Bonecrcker #102 – What Matters is the Amount of Power and Choice You Have in a Relationship

Bonecrcker #103 – Raising Your Sexual Status

Bonecrcker #104 – Sexual Status is Similar to Employment Status

Bonecrcker #105 - Stalkers

Bonecrcker #106 – Captain Free Therapist

Bonecrcker #107 – Feminism is a Purposefully Destructive Ideology within a Larger Destructive Group

Bonecrcker #108 – Feminism Pushes the Whore/Customer Model

Bonecrcker #109 – The Benefits of Boys-Only Schools

Bonecrcker #110 – The Problem With Discussing Things With Women

Bonecrcker #111 – Gaining Power With Women

Bonecrcker #112 – Who Cares What Women Are Thinking?

Bonecrcker #113 – Everything Out of a Woman’s Mouth is a Lie

Bonecrcker #114 – To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before

Bonecrcker #115 – Women Go To Singles Events To Be Seen, Not To Pick Up Men

Bonecrcker #116 – Can I Ask You A Quick Question? You Married?

Bonecrcker #117 – Would You Strip Down In A Room With A Crack Addict?

Bonecrcker #118 – Women Who Marry Scumbags

Bonecrcker #119 – Sleeping With Single Moms and Cohabitating

Bonecrcker #120 – Women Pairing Up With Black Men Is Almost Always Based On Racism

Bonecrcker #121 – Women Only Have What Rights Men Give Them

Bonecrcker #122 – The Advantage The Big City Has Over The Small Town

Bonecrcker #123 – One of the Most Important Reasons to Have More Than One Woman at Once

Bonecrcker #124 – Women on Online Personals Are Just Wasting Your Time

Bonecrcker #125 – The Four Problems With Serial Monogamy

Bonecrcker #126 – A Woman’s Need To Talk Is One Of The Key Methods Of Manipulating Them

Bonecrcker #127 – Timing is Important

Bonecrcker #128 – Women as “Friends”

Bonecrcker #129 – Eye Contact

Bonecrcker #130 – Never Allow a Woman to Call You a Friend Until You Have Had Sex at Least Once

Bonecrcker #131 – You Might As Well Be An Unemployed Loser Living In A Van Down By The River

Bonecrcker #132 – Finding and Approaching Women

Bonecrcker #133 – Don’t Date Women

Bonecrcker #134 – Choosing Not To Marry Is Much More Involved Than Just Saying “Hey, I Don’t Want To Be Married.”

Bonecrcker #135 – With Gay Marriage Legal, Gays Might Stop Getting Into Marriages That Are a Lie

Bonecrcker #136 – Not All That Opposed To Gay Marriage

Bonecrcker #137 – Be a Lover, Not a Provider

Bonecrcker #138 – Sexist! Offensive!

Bonecrcker #139 – Religious Women and Projection

Bonecrcker #140 – Lesbian Women

Bonecrcker #141 – If You Don’t Have Sex On The First Date, Your Chances Of Having Sex With Her At All Are Slim

Bonecrcker #142 – Buffy & Xena

Bonecrcker #143 – Hold Out The Lure Of Validation… But Don’t Give It To Them

Bonecrcker #144 – Why Women Are Attracted To Bad Men & Thugs

Bonecrcker #145 – Feminism Causes Rape

Bonecrcker #146 – No Cover Charge For The Ladies

Bonecrcker #147 – The Dishonesty At N.O.W.

Bonecrcker #148 – Women Who Want To Cheat With You

Bonecrcker #149 – Women Don’t Actually Have Personality Disorders – They Have Asshole-ism

Bonecrcker #150 – Women With Past Abusive Partners

Bonecrcker #151 – The Woman Who Is The Exception Phenomena

Bonecrcker #152 – The Predatory Female

Bonecrcker #153 – People Can Choose Anything They Want To… But They Can’t Choose The Consequences

Bonecrcker #154 – Women Are Bitches To Nice Girls

Bonecrcker #155 – Types of Bad Advice

Bonecrcker #156 – Friends With Benefits

Bonecrcker #157 – Eating Disorders

Bonecrcker #158 – Part of Breaking-Up is About the Drama

Bonecrcker #159 – Men Who Sleep On The Couch

Bonecrcker #160 – Good Job On The Stats!

Bonecrcker #161 – The Old “Fat But Working On It” Line

Bonecrcker #162 – Women’s “Requirements” in a Man

Bonecrcker #163 – A “Real Man” Wouldn’t Shun a Woman with Kids

Bonecrcker #164 – The Media Is Being Used Against Us

Bonecrcker #165 – “The Problem” Is So Pervasive That It Is Difficult To Avoid

Bonecrcker #166 – Seeking After Money Is Not An Effective Means Of Getting Women

Bonecrcker #167 – Advice For Women On Inviting Guys To Approach You

Bonecrcker #168 – You Can’t Assume You Are Dealing With Nice, Normal, Rational, Loving People

Bonecrcker #169 – America Is Not A Socialist Country?

Bonecrcker #170 – Normal Looking Girls Get Hit On More Than Hot Looking Women

Bonecrcker #171 – The Problem Isn’t the Body, It’s the Mind

Bonecrcker #172 – Social Proofing Has Negative Survival Value For Women

Bonecrcker #173 – Questions For The Bonecrcker

Bonecrcker #174 – The Measure Of A Person’s Worth Is Their Actions

Bonecrcker #175 – Do Women Really Choose Men, Or Do Men Choose Women?

Bonecrcker #176 – Women Making More Money Than Their Husbands

Bonecrcker #177 – Responsibility And Power Go Hand In Hand

Bonecrcker #178 – Love Is A Verb

Bonecrcker #179 – Subversive Teachers

Bonecrcker #180 - Sarcasm

Bonecrcker #181 - Women Don’t Hate Men, But They Don’t Love Them Either

Bonecrcker #182 – Women Want Strong Emotions But Don’t Care If Those Emotions Are Negative

Bonecrcker #183 – Ladder Theory

Philalethes' Essay List

Essays by Philalethes:
Philalethes #1 – Feminist Allies?
Philalethes #2 – The Sexual Noise is Deafening
Philalethes #3 – The Anti-Logic of Women
Philalethes #4 – What Do Women Want? It’s What We’ve Got! We Just Aim to Please, Ma’am!
Philalethes #5 – Women’s Use of Power
Philalethes #6 – In Women’s Image?
Philalethes #7 – All Female Populations in the Animal Kingdom
Philalethes #8 – When the Cow Rides the Bull, Priest Watch Your Skull
Philalethes #9 – Immaculate Conception
Philalethes #10 – Male vs. Female Thinking
Philalethes #11 – The End Results of Female Suffrage
Philalethes #12 – Foreign Women
Philalethes #13 – A Letter to Devvy Kidd
Philalethes #14 – Hyphenate Them Any Way You Want, A Feminist is a Feminist is a Feminist
Philalethes #15 – Women are Out of Control in Our Culture
Philalethes #16 – Who Stole Feminism? Nobody!
Philalethes #17 – When Women Rule
Philalethes #18 – Opposed to Woman Suffrage?
Philalethes #19 – Not Much Happens That Women Don’t Approve Of
Philalethes #20 - Chivalry
Philalethes #21 - Circumcision
Philalethes #22 – Don’t Tell Me the Truth; You’ll Hurt My Feelings
Philalethes #23 – Who’s to Blame?
Philalethes #24 – Who’s to Blame II
Philalethes #25 – You Can Have as Much Freedom as You Are Willing to be Responsible For, But No More
Philalethes #26 – The Law
Philalethes #27 – In the “Battle of the Sexes”, If She Wins, She Loses
Philalethes #28 - Feminism is Successful Precisely Because Its Basic Premise Is Not True
Philalethes #29 – They Can Do It Because They Really Believe It!

The Book of Pook

Material by Pook, from the forums
Compiled By Gubby

A Note From The Compiler

Pook #1 – Introduction: A Pook Is A Pook!

Pook #2 – Pook Man’s Advice to a Suffering Newbie

Pook #3 – Fifteen Lessons

Pook #4 – Lesson One: Rejection Is Better Than Regret

Pook #5 – Lesson Two: Friendship – Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter

Pook #6 – Lesson Three: Judge By Actions, Not By Words

Pook #7 – Lesson Four: Patience is the Refined Sense of Confidence

Pook #8 – Lesson Five: Trust the Gut

Pook #9 – Lesson Six: You are the Great Catch

Pook #10 – Lesson Seven: Respect Is All

Pook #11 – Lesson Eight: Only The Sexual Ones Get The Girls

Pook #12 – Lesson Nine: Be Not Contained By Formula

Pook #13 – Lesson Ten: As You Think, You Shall Become

Pook #14 - Lesson Eleven: Getting A Girl Is Not The Success 

Pook #15 - Lesson Twelve: Unite Dream and Day 

Pook #16 - Lesson Thirteen: Charm is Treating Women Like Little Girls

Pook #17 - Lesson Fourteen: Always Have a Back-up Chick

Pook #18 - Lesson Fifteen: The Greatest Risk You Can Take in Life is Not To Risk It All! 

Pook #19 - What Every Skinny Guy Should Know... 

Pook #20 - Perfect is Boring 

Pook #21 - The Secret of the Jerk

Pook #22 - Looks or Personality?

Pook #23 - Fountain of Youth

Pook #24 - Kill That Desperation!

Pook #25 - Embrace Your Sexuality

Pook #26 - On Embracing Sexuality

Pook #27 - Eliminate Desire or Not?

Pook #28 - On Shyness 

Pook #29 - On The Nature of Sexuality

Pook #30 - Romanticism - An Obituary

Pook #31 - Let Yourself Fail 

Pook #32 - Aim High! 

Pook #33 - On Kino 

Pook #34 - What I've Learned 

Pook #35 - Approaching Women 

Pook #36 - As You Think, You Shall Become

Pook #37 - Be a Man!

Pook #38 - Casual Dating 

Pook #39 - Structure of Worlds

Pook #40 - Do Girls Want Sovereignty?

Pook #41 - Cocky & Funny?

Pook #42 - Feeling Down About Your Love Life? Read This!

Pook #43 - Feminism Put On Trial! 

Pook #44 - Good Girls Do Cheat 

Pook #45 - Attention Whores 

Pook #46 - Habit is All 

Pook #47 - If Life Seems Hard and Unhappy, Read This! 

Pook #48 - Why "Just Be Friends" 

Pook #49 - On Mystery

Pook #50 - Patience: What Truly Makes a Don Juan

Pook #51 - Ooh La La! 

Pook #52 - A Second Life 

Pook #53 - Re: Selfishness, Life-Changing Decisions etc.

Pook #54 - Securities vs. Mistakes 

Pook #55 - "SS is AFC"

Pook #56 - Talking to Girls

Pook #57 - The Difference Between Dating and a Friendship

Pook #58 - Womanese!

Pook #59 - More Womanese!

Pook #60 - Even More Womanese!

Pook #61 - Why Women Mention Other Men Even If They're Interested In You! 

Pook #62 - Secret to Womanese! 

Pook #63 - More On "You Must Be Gay" 

Pook #64 - The Keys to the Don Juan 

(This page is under construction)

The Wisdom of Zenpriest

Zenpriest #1 – Women Raised Without Fathers

Zenpriest #2 – You Can’t Change a Pickle Back Into a Cucumber

Zenpriest #3 – Repressing Sexuality

Zenpriest #4 – The Two Faces of Masculinity

Zenpriest #5 – Addicted to Attention

Zenpriest #6 – The Death of Marriage

Zenpriest #7 – Women’s Aggression

Zenpriest #8 – The Big Truth

Zenpriest #9 – The 90’s Were the Make It or Break It Decade and I Don’t Think We Made It

Zenpriest #10 – When Men’s Trust is Gone

Zenpriest #11 – Emotional Deficit

Zenpriest #12 - Happiness

Zenpriest #13 – Prove to Me You Aren’t a Bad Guy!

Zenpriest #14 - If a Man Speaks in the Forest, and There is No Woman There to Correct Him, Is He Still Wrong?

Zenpriest #15 – Regarding the Marriage Strike

Zenpriest #16 – The Gender War

Zenpriest #17 – “e-kwuhl pay fer e-kwuhl werk”

Zenpriest #18 – The Designated Initiator

Zenpriest #19 – How Women Keep Score

Zenpriest #20 - There Is Nothing More Lonely Than Being With Someone You Can’t Talk To

Zenpriest #21 - The Terrible Twos

Zenpriest #22 – “Broken” Men and Women’s “Fixing” Them

Zenpriest #23 – Marriage is Becoming the Social Edsel of the 21st Century

Zenpriest #24 – If a Woman Goes Into a Bar Wearing Sexy Clothes and No Panties…

Zenpriest #25 – The 5 Best Arguments for Staying Single I Have Ever Run Across

Zenpriest #26 – Second Wavers vs. The Suffragettes

Zenpriest #27 – Ignoring Women

Zenpriest #28 – Ethical Sociopaths

Zenpriest #29 – The Future’s Cultural Time Bombs

Zenpriest #30 – Gurl Math

Zenpriest #31 – If Things You See Just Don’t Seem to Make Any Sense, Check Your Assumptions. You Will Find That One Or More Of Them Are Wrong.

Zenpriest #32 – The Glass Pussy Ceiling

Zenpriest #33 – Salesmanship 101

Zenpriest #34 – When Desiring Women Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Desire Women

Zenpriest #35 – How Was This Allowed To Happen?

Zenpriest #36 – Feminism is Repudiation of The Law of Cause and Effect

Zenpriest #37 – How It All Happened

Zenpriest #38 – Mid-Life Crisis

Zenpriest #39 – Brer Patriarch

Zenpriest #40 – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Zenpriest #41 – Feminism is an Extended Infantile Tantrum

Zenpriest #42 - Activism

Zenpriest #43 – There’s Nothing in the World More Over-rated Than a Good Lay…

Zenpriest #44 – The Box Feminism Builds for Women

Zenpriest #45 – I am a Strong Believer in Natural Processes

Zenpriest #46 – Twenty Years From Now This Will Be “The Good Old Days”

Zenpriest #47 – The Future’s So Bright, I’ve Gotta Wear Shades

Zenpriest #48 – Social Breakdown and Civil Disorder is More Likely

Zenpriest #49 – Let Women Win the “Battle of the Sexes”

Zenpriest #50 – Listening to What Men Really Say

Zenpriest #51 – What’s Happening to Boys?

Zenpriest #52 – The Moral High Ground Always Goes to the Winner

Zenpriest #53 - Feminism Really Is All About Projection

Zenpriest #54 – The Way We Were

Zenpriest #55 – Now Please Explain to Me, What the Hell Men Need a “Movement” For?
Zenpriest #56 – MGTOW’s Trademark Copyright Philosophy
Zenpriest #57 – Personal Attacks and Mind Games
Zenpriest #58 – The MRM’s Perpetual War with Itself
Zenpriest #59 – The Most Important Lesson a Man Can Ever Learn
Zenpriest #60 - Why There Never Has Been a Coherent Men’s Movement and Why There Never Will Be

Zenpriest #61 - Everyone Lives Through History, We Just Don't Realize It... 

Zenpriest #62 - The Hegelian Dialectic and Social Change

Zenpriest #63 - In a Bar Last Night: One Good Marriage and One Attention Whore 

Zenpriest #64 - Only a Fool Would Have Swallowed It 

Zenpriest #65 - Upping MRA "Game": Honing Our Rhetoric of Ridicule

Zenpriest #66 - Guy Stuff: Traveling Hard, Light and Fast 

Zenpriest #67 - The Baby Bomb: How the Boomers were Used to Destroy a Culture

EOTM: Welcome to Eye of the Mind

If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it really is, infinite." -- William Blake


Only in the mind's eye can things truly be seen. The blind man often sees more than his "sighted" cousin because he is less misled by the surfaces of things and is more interested in their substance. Perception includes mind, body, emotion and, most of all, spirit. One must be aware in all 4 dimensions to be fully alive.

Any and all possible futures will be seen first in the eye of the mind. We create the world as we see it.


These pages are dedicated to those seeking to become accomplished artists in the Art of Living. Most artists become comfortable with a few selected media and materials. The selection of topics represent my favorites. Many more are worthy of consideration, but that's why there are other web pages.


There are two great mystical forces which rule the lives of human beings. One is the life force itself. The other is that elusive force we call consciousness. Life, we share with countless other entities on this planet. But we maintain the belief that consciousness sets us apart and above all other forms of life: that it belongs to the god-like alone. In our desire to be as gods, we have elevated the force of consciousness and begun to worship it while we have shown ever increasing contempt for all life save our own and, often enough, for our own as well.


I heartily agree with the geocities' stated philosophy of creating new communities on the new frontier and thank them for providing such a forum. The new milennium is upon us and humanity has pillaged the planet to support its ever growing need to consume. We humans, so anxious to see ourselves in the images of the gods & goddesses we worship, have achieved only one of the godlike powers, the power to destroy. We need to turn as much energy toward the power to create and generate as we have toward consuming the resources of the earth if we are to survive.

Today the cerebral cortex of the brain rules. People want to believe that all behavior is thought out in advance and that it follows the sterile logic of only half the brain, the left brain. Their analysis of the motivations underlying the behavior are speculative nonsense which leaves out 90% of the information available and adheres to a peculiar line of thinking specific to that individual. The results are presented as "logical" but there is no logic whatsoever behind it. It is merely the result of their own built in biases, which they are so close to that they cannot see.

The MIND is NOT the BRAIN. The mind is just as aware of the information it is receiving from the little toe as it gets from the 5:00 news. The mind has a sense of connection to a power greater than itself. And the mind receives information from something called the soul. There is something deep within us that is the essence of the will/desire/drive/whatever to be ALIVE. Something that BELIEVES and WANTS and KNOWS right from wrong.

We need to make people as mindful in their behavior as we currently would like to believe they are. My goal for these pages is to celebrate and provide a forum for the full development of all dimensions of the mind. I invite contributions and suggestions. I consider art to be an integral part of mental and spiritual development and I hope visitors will see a certain esthetic unity, if not homogeniety. Please comment on this aspect of the site as well. At present, I have only established the general structure of the site. Things that look like links hopefully will become so. Suggestions for sites in each of the categories are welcome.

While the content of this site is definitely "adult", it is not so in the sense that one usually sees on the net. My intent is to deal in subjects that only a mature mind can really grasp, thus the only ones interested in pursuing those subjects. While these subjects contain details of the type usually not easily discussed by parents with their children, I don't believe that anyone will find my treatment of the subjects to be offensive except that I don't cut people much slack for silliness.


Parents who are willing to let the child indulge her/his own natural tendency to learn and question can freely move around this site if they use the eye as a navigation aid. The eye will lead to controversial topics, but the controversial discussions lie behind links which you have to look for. If the content intrigues you, you will be interested in reading further. Children will not. The eye will lead them on a tour and the big eye will always lead them home. Anyone willing to wade through the verbage to get the content, deserves it in my book. Most parents can rest secure in the fact that I am going to make it so much work that their children will never do it. Roam around yourself a bit first then, if you are comfortable with the content and the way in which it it addressed, feel free to bring your son or daughter back to start a dialogue on things you'd like to talk to them about. Sortof.

A Wrinkle in Time

The majority of these pieces have been pinched from the excellent website The Men’s Tribune. I've read through these pieces a few times and they are full of great information, thus, I often link to them or to the Tribune itself. However, lately I have been noticing that the links have been getting somewhat sketchy and on a few occasions I have not been able to access the site at all - some times for several days or a week at a time. Call me paranoid, but it makes me fear that all of this great stuff will one day just "poof" disapear, as so many other great sites have done in the past. As such, I am going to reprint these articles here into this blog - both for a back-up, and so that I may post these pieces myself on occasion, and encourage others to read them as well.
From the Buddha’s Little Known “Ultimate Extinction of the Dharma Sutra”  
Nothing Higher to Live For: A Buddhist View of Romantic Love -- by Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano (Leonard Price)
Buddha – From “The Sutra of the Past Vows of Earth Store Bodhisattva”
Buddha – from “Selected Writings of Nichiren”
"The Spartan Women", The Politics of Aristotle: Politics, Book II B Ch. IX: 5-16.
On a Good Wife, Aristotle, from “Oikonomikos", c 330 BCE
De Officiius (excerpts) – by Cicero
The History of Rome – by Titus Livius (59BC - 17AD)
Advice to Married Couples – by Plutarch (46-120 A.D.)
The Secret History – by Procopius of Caesarea (c. 550A.D.) (Book).
The Lamentations of Matheolus (excerpts) -- by Mathieu of Boulogne, (1295 A.D.).(Book)
The Fifteen Joys of Marriage (first two "joys") -- by Antoine de la Salle (possible author, born 1388)
”The Man-Woman” – by Hic Mulier, 1620
Memoirs Of Louis XIV And The Regency, Vol. III, Chapter II (excerpt) -- by the Duke of Saint-Simon (Translated by Bayle St. John.)
Man Superior to Woman – by Anonymous, 1739.(Book)
The Spirit of Laws (excerpts) – by Baron De Montesquieu, 1748
Letter to His Son (excerpt) – by Lord Chesterfield, 1748
Thomas Jefferson (selections)
Tom Pry’s Wife – by Charles Lamb (1775-1834)
A Bachelor’s Complaint of the Behaviour of Married People – by Charles Lamb (1775-1834)
Democracy in America, Vol. 2, Ch. XII, "How The Americans Understand The Equality Of The Sexes" -- by Alexis de Tocqueville, 1840
In Vino Veritas (or The Banquet) -- by Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855)

Woman/Man -- from Kierkegaard's Journals 

The Metaphysics of the Love of the Sexes - by Arthur Schopenhauer, 1844 

On Women – by Arthur Schopenhauer, 1851
The Intimate Journal of Henri Amiel

A Collection of Writings on Women -- Freiderich Neitszche  
Virginibus Puerisque – Chapter One [Part 1] – by Robert Louis Stevenson

(From) Principles of Psychology -- by William James
Need It Be So? – by Leo Tolstoy (1900)

(From) New Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis -- by Sigmund Freud
What’s Wrong With The World – by G.K. Chesterton (excerpts) (Book)
Folk-lore of Women -- by T.F. Thistelton-Dyer (1906) (Book)

The Woman Question -- by Stephen Leacock (1916) 

The Polygamous Sex -- by Esther Villar (1976)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Symantec (SYMC - NASDAQ) Downgraded to "Sell"

Symantec, the producer of Norton AntiVirus, has recently broken out of its longtime downward trend of lower highs and lower lows, a pattern it has repeated since it's all-time high of the low $30's which was reached all the way back in the end of 2004. Since then, Symantec has achieved the stock price of $24 only twice, once in early 2005 and now again in March of 2013. It's time to take profits from this dead horse of a company before the euphoria wears off and it plunges back into the basement, where it seems much more comfortable existing.
When looking at the five year chart, it is easy to see that Symantec has consistently had an average valuation of around $16, on a chart that is far too erratic between its highs and lows to reliably declare it has been "basing" and is ready for a major break-out. Today, Symantec is trading at a 50% premium to this average of its five year trading range, and smart investors might want to consider taking profits before it plummets and disappoints investors once more, as it has shown a repeated tendency to do.
Furthermore, it appears that Symantec has been experiencing somewhat of a public relations problem recently, as it has forayed into the non-profit-generating business of dictating political correctness to the lesser plebes - their customers, even going so far as to start declaring certain websites as "hate sites" and banning access to them. Now, you might think that by "hate" we are talking about Nazis and skinheads, but we are not. We are talking about people who make up slightly less than half the world's population: Men. At last count, there were some 58 websites censored by Norton AntiVirus concerning men's issues ranging from divorce and custody laws to domestic violence to prostate cancer to discussing the relentless government funded drive by professional feminists to demonize and marginalize men in our society.

They don't, however, classify any feminist sites as "hate" even though many of them actually do call for physical violence, or even death, towards males. Perhaps it is simply because the works of feminists like the following are still taught in academia that they feel these sorts of things are not hate, while the act of opposing them is:

"If life is to survive on this planet, there must be a decontamination of the Earth. I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males." -- Mary Daly, former Professor at Boston College, 2001

"The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race." -- Sally Miller Gearhart, The Future - If There Is One - Is Female 

"I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig." -- Andrea Dworkin, Ice and Fire, (Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 1987)

Keep in mind, these are women who have made fortunes either through their books or through their bloated tenured incomes at universities all across Western Civilization. (If you would like to read more of them, click here.) However, the good men of the world who stand up to this sort of lunacy, for no pay, are labelled as "haters." I have read one (unconfirmed) report that the word "anti-feminist" is classified as "hate." Go figure!

But, regardless of whether you support feminists' hatred of men ("For one of the implicit, if unadmitted, tenets of feminism has been a fundamental disrespect for men." -- Wendy Dennis), or whether you support men's right to speak out against this ideology without being labelled a "hate site," the problem with a company like Symantec's political correctness goes much, much deeper than simply defaming men and their websites on the internet like a typical cyber-bully would. Oh no, dear investor. It gets much, much worse! These kinds of politically correct policies cost you money!

Take, for example, a company such as Wal-Mart, which was recently in a high profiled court case where it was alleged there was systemic discrimination against women in their organization. They nearly won in front of the Supreme Court too, except it was thrown back to some lower courts, I believe because they couldn't prove discrimination was "systemic" but rather only individual.

What you, as an investor, should be doing in these cases is "reading between the lines," because when the Mainstream Media and companies like Symantec toe the politically correct line, they blatantly hinder you from becoming informed of the Truth and making your decisions accordingly. 

With Wal-Mart, the women were complaining that it wasn't fair that, since they were women, they could not work 70hrs a week like the men, nor could they move to undesirable locations like Anchorage, AK for five years in order to advance their careers as the men were able to, because as women, they also had children and other family to take care of. Well, this may be so, or it may not be. Quite frankly, I don't really care because as an investor, my goal is to make money with my investments, not to promote a social agenda. After I make money with my investments, I will take my profits and decide to whom my charitable dollars will be directed, as it should be. As an investor, I want the companies I own to concentrate on making money. That is their sole purpose on this earth. If the CEO wants to give his own money to the Tuktoyaktuk Polar Bear and Walrus reserve, that is his business.

But, it is companies such as Symantec who try to silence people through the label of "hate" so that you don't get all the facts. It is bad enough when the Mainstream Media believes that covering the Wal-Mart story in an unbiased manner means interviewing a feminist from the East Coast and another feminist from the West Coast, but when companies like Symantec try to squelch the noise from "hateful" people opposing such blatant biased reporting, you might never hear a headline like this:

"Court Rules that Wal-Mart Must Replace Top-Notch Management With Mediocre Employees. Longterm Outlook for Stock Valuations Appears Grim!"

I mean, after all, if you are going to take people who work 70hrs a week and replace them with people who only work 40hrs a week, you can pretty much count on management being 57% as effective as before, and you would unload that company from your portfolio in a big hurry. So... why doesn't this kind of stuff get debated more in the public sphere? It's because of the kind of politically correct censorship Symantec (as well as others) use without a second thought.
But it gets even worse, because companies like Symantec, despite their politically correct posturing, don't even actually practice what they preach. For example, at the Symantec website, under Corporate Responsibility, they have a program called "Science Buddies":

"Science Buddies is dedicated to helping girls develop and maintain an interest in STEM learning.  In fact, 55% of Science Buddies' student-users are girls.  Science Buddies' project ideas and activities help girls to innovate, imagine, build, tinker, solve problems, and make things.

In addition, our organization helps to publicize and promote events and initiatives that encourage young female scientists and engineers, such as Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, to our audience of 15 million teachers, students, and parents."

(What they do for the 45% that are boys, I have no idea. I guess they just don't matter as much.)

Yet, when one wanders over to their Management Team, you can see that only 2 out of 16 executives are women, and of their Board of Directors, you will find that only 1 out of 8 are female, or, a mere 12.5% of high level employees are women. Hey... wait a minute here... don't women make up over 50% of the population?
Oh! The Misogyny of the Old Boys Club at Symantec!
They are quite clearly, according to every feminist on the planet, part of a Patriarchal Culture that discriminates against women! I would like to see those in power at Symantec explain how they have not done so without engaging in the sort of misogynistic "hate" they so quickly label others with - others from their own customer base!
Now, they may claim the reason they are promoting the "Science Buddies" program for girls is to get more women into those positions in the future, which assumes that in the past girls did want to have these jobs but there were some big, evil men hiding behind the door who wouldn't let them in. Right? It couldn't be that women aren't attracted to the STEM subjects to the same degree as men, could it? I mean, if girls already make up over 60% of all college degrees, the only reason they don't make it in the STEM subjects must be because of the hateful people who ought to have their websites labelled and defamed! STEM subjects are the only area of academia that is not completely dominated by females. I mean, really now. Is it so bad that boys excel in one area, while leaving the rest to girls' own choices, of which STEM subjects don't appear to be high priority?  But they are right, just as in our school system, if you want more girls to succeed, the best way is to direct all resources towards girls and none towards boys. I mean, how unfair that boys could be allowed to dominate in one single field besides ditch-digging and other various jobs women wouldn't touch with a barge pole - you know, the ones that result in over 90% of workplace injuries and deaths landing on the backs of men. I don't hear the feminists, nor Symantec, advocating for Title IX participation in that area of the labour force, do you?

But, what does the management of Symantec and other large companies such as The Royal Bank of Canada, or Bell Media, actually think is going to happen to them in the future? Referring back to our failed lawsuit against Wal-Mart example, suppose that the goal at Symantec is to have those female employees who only put in 57% of the effort become represented in equal proportion to the men in executive and board positions... then just where, exactly, are those men supposed to go? The men who would work 70hrs a week would be fools to keep working like that if women could work only 40hrs a week and achieve the same promotions and pay. So, where, exactly, are all these displaced men supposed to go? Obviously, women only want to work in "nice conditions." They are screeching for corporate and government support only to make themselves represented in larger numbers in "nice" jobs such as doctor, lawyer, teacher, or anything else with prestige, an air-conditioned office, and plenty of other girls to gab and gossip with. They certainly aren't clamoring for jobs as garbage collectors or farm labourers, are they?

So, while Symantec and other corporations try to show the world how "socially responsible" they are in this "equal" nation we live in, what they are actually doing is bringing back an aristocratic class structure to society - something that America has gladly shed from European history. After all, if women only go for the cush jobs, and they get aided to the tune of billions by smug corporations trying to appear politically correct, and further enforced into those positions by the law - such as is the case in Norway where 40% of corporate boards must be female... then it is only simple math to see that women will dominate all of the good, high-paying jobs (often without merit), while the men will be far over-represented in all of the crappy jobs that women simply won't do. Talk about bringing social and class stratification back into society! Women: Upper Class Merchants and Nobles. Men: Lower Class Peasants and Scum.

And this doesn't even get into the troubles that hypergamy brings into the equation. Women "marry up," but rarely downward in social status - thus nurses marry doctors, secretaries marry lawyers, factory labourers marry waitresses... but very, very rarely does a female doctor (or executive at Symantec) marry a garbage collector or one of those "icky" auto mechanics. Way to destroy marriage, and the stable society that marriage creates, you socially responsible people at Symantec! What do you think happens to a country when there are large amounts of men, unattached to families, and with no good job prospects? Ever heard of the Middle East or the Arab Spring? Do you understand why, in those above feminist quotes, they want the number of men reduced to 10%?

Perhaps its best for Symantec to leave their moralizing out of the workplace where it not only affects their performance, but also their market value - and thus, their investor's profits. Make your investors money, like you are supposed to, and let your investors decide what to moralize about or be charitable towards.

What Symantec ought to do is hire a guy like the CEO of Cypress, T.J. Rodgers, who in 1996 responded to a nun about the immorality of political correctness in corporations. It's well worth the read - especially for those who work at Symantec.   

Disclaimer: The author of this article is not a professional investment adviser and the above information is not for trading purposes, but for entertainment only. Do your own due diligence and trade at your own risk. 

Is Symantec Anti-American?

Symantec and Censorship 

"According to this report in the Sydney Morning Herald, Chief Operating Officer of Symantec, John Schwarz, was quoted as “calling for laws to make it a criminal offense to share information and tools online which could be used by malicious hackers and virus writers”. If this is the official stance from Symantec, then I must say I am convinced John Schwarz is smoking crack. Our country has a history of censorship blunders and what I call “censorship legislation” that has mucked up our legal system long enough and crippled the responsible citizens with little-to-no effect on actual crime. What’s even scarier is that a VP from Symantec was recently named the Dept. of Homeland Defense’s Cybersecurity director, putting friends of Symantec in high places where this legislation could actually become a reality. This short article will take a look at the negative effects of the censorship legislation backed by the COO of Symantec and also a couple of recent examples of “censorship legislation” … and what little effect it has had on criminals, while having a substantial effect on responsible citizens. I can only draw one of two conclusions about Mr. Schwarz based on this stance. In my opinion, he is either completely ignorant of the effects of this type of legislation, or he is an avid supporter of weakening American infrastructure, American jobs, and the US Constitution."


Symantec's Censorship of the Gun Debate

"Regardless of one's stance on this issue, it is intellectually dishonest to filter sites interpreting the Second Amendment as an individual right or those discussing the advantages and disadvantages of gun control policies, on the grounds that it might avoid future school shootings, or just as absurdly, that these sites in any way encourage kids to 'hose down' schools. Such associations are logical fallacies."


One little mistake -- like failing to sign the certificate when you push out a patch for your antivirus product -- and all of a sudden you're a malware-producing, censoring spam bot. That's how it seemed for Symantec when an error spun wildly out of control.

...Symantec began deleting posts on the forum, and users began accusing it of censoring free speech and coming up with conspiracy theories.

Censorship? What censorship, asks Mark Parker, senior product manager at antivirus vendor Marshal8e6. "You are told these forums are moderated when you sign up for them," he told TechNewsWorld.

... Symantec began deleting posts in the Norton Users Forum because they were abusing the forum's terms of service, Symantec staff member Dave Cole said. "Within the first hour there were 600 new posts on this subject alone," he said.


Symantec/Norton Censorship 

It appears that Symantec/Norton is up to their old tricks again

Censoring any person be it a paying customer or not, that asks them a direct viable question on their forums relating to one of their most recent blunders, the release of their Update V. & V.


Symantec Supports Chinese Web Censorship

Summary: Symantec's Norton AntiVirus product has blacklisted a piece of software which enables users in China to access websites which are blocked by order of the government.


Lol! Now here's a real hate-site!

Why Do People HATE Symantec?

"They flagged my website as dangerous and try to persuade me to buy their worthless products in exchange for whitelisting."

"It has crap antivirus software. It does more harm than good. Lot of False positives. Something called SONAR is a joke. Keep away from this software"


Problems with Norton Internet Security?